Torchlight hikes

Discover the Partnach gorge in the dark


The Partnach gorge is always special. But to see it during a torchlight hike is an absolute highlight.  At THE GRASECK, we offer this experience in the third-generation.


We offer fondue menus from October 15 to May 15.

The municipal council of Garmisch-Partenkirchen decided that the Partnach gorge will be closed from September to October/November 2018 due to conversion work. As an alternative, we offer a hike to the Iron Bridge (65 meters above the Partnach gorge. Duration: approximately 90 minutes.

Date: If officially open, a visit is possible all year round (the gorge can be temporarily closed due to the risk of falling rocks)
Persons: From 2 persons
Torchlight hike basic costs: € 125 for the first guide (one guide for 10 persons), every further guide € 95
Torchlight hike per person: Admission and torch € 9,90
Aperitif after reaching the top: Mulled prosecco 0,1 l for € 3,80
Mulled beer 0,25 l for€ 3,20
Mulled wine 0,2 l for€ 3,90
Punch 0,2 l for€ 3,20
Fondue as 2-course-menu
1. course:
2. course:
€ 35 per person
Meat or cheese fondue with side dishes and sauces
Fondue as 3-course-menu:
1. course:
2. course:
3. course:
€ 39 per person
Meat or cheese fondue with side dishes and sauces
Meat and cheese fondue fifty-fifty Supplement of € 5 per person
Cable car to the valley station until 10:00 PM: € 4 per person
Shuttle after 22:00 PM € 15 per ride to the valley station

In the summer, torchlight hikes are possible in the twilight after dinner
at about 9.30 pm. Please remember to drink alcohol moderately to ensure your own safety during the hiking tour!


Parking spaces are available free of charge at the valley station of the Graseck cable car.

Return journey with the cable car/ shuttle

The opening time of the cable car can be extended until midnight every day by prior arrangement. From 10.00 pm an all-inclusive price of Euro 50.00 per hour will be charged. The ticket price is still Euro 4.00 per person as noted above.

Duration and dress code

We are looking forward to welcoming and pampering you. Be sure to wear warm clothes, gloves, proper shoes and a hood or a warm hat or cap. You will get wet! The hike takes about 60 to 75 minutes and the path ascends steeply after the gorge.

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