As a team of specialists we are looking forward to being at your service at the affiliated prevention centre GAP PREVENT – one expert for each medical specialisation. Due to the close interdisciplinary cooperation, we offer an immediate and complete medical diagnosis without losing information in between the various specialists. And all this in a pleasant ambience and without waiting times.

Dr. Sylvia Weingart

Medical Director
Internist / Cardiologist
Preventive medicine DGPR

Dr. Vincens Weingart

Internist and gastroenterologist
Senior emergency physician
Senior physician in the field of gastroenterology
at the Hospital of Garmisch

Prof. H.D. Allescher

Internist and gastroenterologist
Head of the Department of Gastroenterology
Medical Director of the Hospital of Garmisch

Dr. Stefan Keller

Medical specialist for urology
Medical specialist practice in Garmisch

Dr. Christian Frei

Medical specialist for urology
Fellow of the European Board of Urology
Master’s degree in the management of health care facilities
Medical specialist practice in Garmisch

Dr. Tobias May

Dermatology & Venereology
Specialist practice

Dr. Martin Lorenz

Orthopaedic & trauma surgeon
Chief physician at the Hospital of Oberammergau
Consultant BG Health Service

Dr. Peter Neumann

Plastic and aesthetic surgery
Practical clinic Aesthetic & Soul, Munich