During the performance diagnostics the lactate values in your blood will be measured while exercising, by taking blood samples from the earlobe.

This makes it possible to calculate your individual anaerobic threshold in addition to your training status. From this, we are able to determine areas in which training should take place to achieve a performance improvement.


Play it safe and have your heart checked before you set out to excessive sporting activities or to achieve high training levels. This way, many causes of sudden cardiac death during sports can be recognized on time and treated!


Performance diagnostics

Approximately 1 hour

Detailed initial discussion with the physician

Physical examination

Blood pressure measurement

Resting ECG

Stress ECG including lactate measurement

on the bicycle or treadmill ergometer

Final medical consultation

Written report with training areas and anaerobic threshold

€ 165,- 

Athlete Check Up

Approximately 1.5 hours

Performance diagnostics (see left) and additionally: 

Blood analysis (athlete profile)

Echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart)

€ 460,- 

Athlete Check Up Plus

Approximately 2 hours

Athlete Check-Up (see left) and additionally: 

Sports orthopaedic examination

€ 560,-