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Das Graseck: back check
Das Graseck: back check

Back check, acupuncture & manual therapy

Back pain is a common complaint thanks to our days spent sitting at a desk. Preventing this is easier and more important than treating it.

Healthy back, happy mood

Incorrect posture at your desk, a lack of exercise, and mental strain and stress can lead to muscular tension. This is intensified by natural degenerative processes as we age. When back pain arises, it’s important to act quickly to break the cycle of pain. Early detection of this problem helps us stay active and fit. Back pain also constitutes a significant mental strain not only for the affected person, but also for people around them. We will be glad to help you.

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Das Graseck: back check


Back check & acupuncture

Put yourself in the hands of our experienced neurosurgeon, who has specialised in the conservative treatment of chronic back complaints and stress-related diseases.

approx. 60 minutes
Included: comprehensive examination, consultation, and acupuncture session

Acupuncture follow-up session

Optimise the success of your treatment with a follow-up session.

Approx. 45 minutes

Das Graseck: back check
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