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Cost coverage

The medical services are invoiced in accordance with the medical fee schedule for physicians (GOÄ) with the usual rates (up to max. 3.5 times in justified cases) according to the respective efforts. Depending on the tariff, private health insurers will assume up to 100% of the costs. Please contact us directly if you require an individual quotation. Our sample check-up packages or health programmes, which can be adapted to your individual risk profile or existing issues and/or pre-existing conditions, offer an idea of the rate.

Please note…

… that the health programmes do not count as exclusively medical services, as other health-promoting treatments or personal training are included as well as the hotel stay, which cannot be claimed back through your health insurance.

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Das Graseck: cost coverage
Das Graseck: cost coverage
Das Graseck: cost coverage Das Graseck: cost coverage

Das Graseck: my place for health

Medical screenings help healthy people stay healthy, identify risk factors early, and successfully prevent illness.

Check-up itinerary
At Das Graseck, your health hotel in Bavaria, we offer all examinations without waiting times, integrated seamlessly into your holiday schedule. 

Medical team
We are an interdisciplinary team of medical specialists who work closely together to guarantee an immediate, seamless diagnosis with no loss of data. 

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