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Your check-up itinerary

We plan your check-up entirely according to your wishes as an outpatient day check in a few hours or, for guests of our hotel, in a relaxed manner over the course of several days.

If a colonoscopy is included, this has a significant influence on the itinerary due to the preparatory measures. In this case, a stay of at least 2 nights is recommended to allow sufficient time for the preparations. If your colonoscopy is being carried out as a non-guest, please note that you will not be permitted to drive following the twilight sleep and will need someone to drive you.

Please bring along comfortable sports clothing for the exercise test as well as your vaccination record and any previous findings or results.

Before your visit, we will send you a medical questionnaire and will then contact you again to fine-tune the examinations together with you.

You can also come to the individual examinations in your bathrobe directly from the neighbouring spa area. Please attend the exercise ECG in sportswear.

Usually, the blood test is not conducted on an empty stomach, meaning you can eat your fill at our breakfast buffet before your check-up. Before the colonoscopy, the breakfast selection is somewhat limited, but the evening meal can be enjoyed in full.

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