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Digestion and metabolism

Digestion and metabolism

all year round
2 nights from €1,620 per room incl. half-board
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The intestines are the gateway to our immune system and well-being; healthy intestinal flora strengthens your immune system. Moreover, there’s no organ for which medical cancer screening is as efficient as the bowel: Here, cancer always develops from benign precursors which can be detected and removed during a screening.
Let our experts do something good for your intestinal health in a pleasant environment.

Minimum stay 4 nights.

Programme / inclusive services:
Day 1

  • Arrival, rapid Covid-19 test
  • Detailed initial discussion with the physician incl. therapy planning
  • Blood test (extensive blood analysis with full blood count, liver and kidney functions, inflammation parameters, thyroid hormones, vitamin D levels, fat metabolism, electrolytes, blood sedimentation, coagulation values)

Day 2

  • Preparation for the colonoscopy
  • Cardiological consultation and examination (resting ECG, bio-impedance measurement, physical examination) in preparation for the twilight sleep
  • Light food to prepare the bowel
  • Intestinal ecogram (stool microbial analysis incl. fungi) with extensive report and dietary recommendations
  • Digestion-promoting abdominal massage

Day 3

  • Light breakfast followed by laxatives as prescribed
  • Afternoon colonoscopy in twilight sleep
  • In the evening, a fortifying special 4-course menu featuring our Vitality Cuisine

Day 4

  • Ultrasound of the abdominal organs

Day 5

  • Extensive final medical consultation
  • Written report with recommendations


Total rate per person with the above services (excl. room): €1,130
Depending on the tariff and provider, private health insurance will assume the majority of the costs.

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