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Post-Covid Package – Regeneration & Reactivation

Post-Covid Package – Regeneration & Reactivation

all year round
2 nights from €1,620 per room incl. half-board
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The pathology of suffering from long-term weakness and tiredness (fatigue syndrome) following an infection, already known from other viral illnesses, frequently occurs after Covid infections and is known as Long Covid Syndrome.

This can also lead to persistent shortness of breath and physical weakness, even when examinations result in no pathological findings.

During our Long Covid programme, other organic causes for the persistent issues are ruled out and a gradual rehabilitation and return to normality is supported.

The medical services as part of the programme are invoiced in accordance with the medical fee schedule for physicians (GOÄ) and are generally covered by private health insurers.

Minimum stay 7 nights.

Programme / inclusive services:

  • Detailed initial discussion with the physician incl. therapy planning
  • Comprehensive blood analysis with full blood work, liver and kidney functions, inflammation parameters, thyroid hormones, fat metabolism, electrolytes, coagulation values, blood sedimentation, immunoglobulins, selenium, zinc, vitamin D levels, Covid antibodies (IgG).
  • Extended vitamin status upon consultation / diagnosis can be booked on site.
  • Extensive internal and cardiological examination incl. echocardiography (heart ultrasound), resting and exercise ECG (performance test), lung function (spirometry), ECG over 24 hours incl. heart rate variability measurement (stress test).
  • Gentle physical and mental rehabilitation, individually tailored to you with our personal trainer 5 days a week (60 min.)
  • 1x regenerating full-body massage 70 min. (bioenergetics body massage)
  • 1x relaxing ayurvedic full-body massage 60 min. (Abhyanga massage)
  • Extensive final medical consultation
  • Written medical report

Total rate per person with the above services (excl. room): €1,430

The medical invoices can be submitted to your private health insurance to assume the costs.

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